Short Story Collections

Untouched by Human Hands (1954)
Citizen in Space (1955)
Pilgrimage to Earth (1957)
Notions: Unlimited (1960)
Store of Infinity (1960)
Shards of Space (1962)
The People Trap (1968)
Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? (1971)
The Robot Who Looked Like Me (1978)
Is THAT What People Do? (1984)
The Collected Short Stories of Robert Sheckley #1-5 (1991)
Uncanny Tales (2003)

"Best Of" Collections:

The Robert Sheckley Omnibus (1973)
The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley (1979)
Masque of Manana (2005)

Stand Alone Shorts:

Watchbird (1990)
Minotaur Maze (1990)
Alien Starswarm (1991)
Xolotl (1991)

As Editor:

After the Fall (1980)

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