Short Stories: Chronological Survey

This is extracted from the monumental bibliography by Lindsay Crawford with HTMLization by Roberto Quaglia. See links for the whole thing.
Why include an extract? Mainly because the original is so big my browser had trouble coping with it! Plus I find really long pages confusing.
I've added stories (mainly from the last 10 years) not included in the original. Most of this information is from the Internet Speculative Fiction Database (again see links). Yet more information came from The Locus Index to Science Fiction.
I've also added a few stories from non SF magazines (e.g. Collier's) that don't seem to turn up in other lists.
This version is individual short stories only, listed by year of first publication.
This version does not include novels and collections, which are listed elsewhere.

1952-54 | 1955-59 | 1960-69 | 1970-79 | 1980-89 | 1990-2005

The information is pretty dense, with many abbreviations. Here are some notes to help you find your way around.

Key to magazines (first published in): 

AMZ=Amazing ANG=Official Angel Website (Internet) ARG=Argosy ASF=Astounding SF BIG=BIGNews (also on Internet) BBM=Bluebook BOAC=British Overseas Airways Co CLI=Climax COL=Collier's CSM=Cosmopolitan DAR=Dark Side ESQ=Esquire FAN=Fantastic SF FNF=Fantasy Fiction FSF=The Magazine of Fantasy and SF FUN=Fantastic Universe FUT=Future SF GAL=Galaxy GAZ=Galaxy eZine (Internet) GLY=Gallery Magazine GVG=Greenwich Village Gazette (Internet) IF=If(!) IMG=Imagination INF=Infinity SF KNA=Knave NCR=Night Cry NW=New Worlds NYR=New York Review of SF OMN=Omni PBY=Playboy PHS=Penthouse PLS=Planet Stories PUF=Pulphouse: Fiction (Weekly) Magazine PUH=Pulphouse: Hardback Magazine PUM=Puritan Magazine SAI=The Saint Detective Magazine SEM=Semiotext(e) SFA=Science Fiction Adventures SFD=Science Fiction Digest SFS=Science Fiction Stories SPS=Space SF Magazine SST=Short Stories (UK) STA=Stardate SWA=Swank TWS=Thrilling Wonder Stories TZN=Twilight Zone Magazine VEC=Vector WTS=Weird Tales

ACO=First published in one of the Author's Collections OA=First published in some other Original Anthology NOV=Novelette (published individually)

Inclusion in collections:

ubhh=Untouched by Human Hands cis=Citizen in Space pte=Pilgrimage to Earth soi=Store of Infinity n:u=Notions:Unlimited sos=Shards of Space ptr=The People Trap cyf=Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? trwllm=The Robot Who Looked Like Me itwpd=Is THAT What People Do? csfv5=The Collected Short Stories Volume 5 rso=The Robert Sheckley Omnibus ww=The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley ut=Uncanny Tales
mm=Masque of Manana

Pseudonyms (mainly in Galaxy):

Phillips Barbee Ned Lang Finn O'Donnevan


tc>=Title change /itwpd,r=Story revised for inclusion in "Is THAT..." /a=Reprinted in a later anthology (but not in any of author's own books) Novella=30 pages or more Orange=Only appears in magazine form Silver=Non Fiction Magenta=Pictorial (comments on art in OMNI) Gold=Illustrator of magazine appearance

Robert Sheckley, typing in 1968