Sheckley in Translation

This is a brief survey of the languages which Robert Sheckley's works have been translated into. I've included links for full details. This list is under construction! Any further information would be appreciated.

Of particular note is the novel "The Grand Guignol of the Surrealists" (2000) - this has never been published in english, but I think it has appeared in Italy, Russia and Poland.


A large amount of his science fiction has been translated, especially during the nineties.
"Bilet Na Tranai" ("A Ticket to Tranai") is a collection of stories from the fifties. "Maszyna Szeherezada" ("The Scheherezade Machine") is a collection of stories from the nineties, most of which are uncollected in English!

Link: Robert Sheckley: Polish Tribute Site


A huge amount of his work has been translated into Italian. I think "Ma che Pianeta mi hai Fatto?" is a collection which doesn't have an english language equivalent. Apparently it contains "Primordial Follies", a story unpublished in English. "Dimension of Miracles" becomes "Il Difficile Ritorno del Signor Carmody", presumably because the Pope didn't like the original title.

Link: Italian Catalog of Science Fiction


A large amount of his work has been translated into German. "Das Grosse Robert Sheckley-Buch" (1985) is an omnibus edition of "Citizen in Space" and "The People Trap". "Das Zweite Robert Sheckley-Buch" (1987) includes "Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?" plus other early stories.

Link: German Index to Stories and Books


The site below includes Russian translations of many short stories.

Link: Lib.Ru


The site below includes Greek translations of many short stories.

Link: Alternative Factor


Many of his best known stories have been translated.

Link: The Hungarian Science Fiction Index


"The Status Civilization", "Mindswap" and "Citizen in Space" have been translated.

Link: Finnish Science Fiction


Many of his best known novels and collections have been translated.

Link: Spanish SF Author's Index


Some of his stories appear in Swedish magazines.

Link: Swedish Science Fiction


A couple of books.

Link: Lithuania: Eridanis List


No stories yet.

Link: Engrish